From Kit To Pen

Here you can find the full instructions for the pen as a movie....  more

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Baylab plasctics by Facebook

We look forward to new friends on Facebook....  more

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More Baylab school labaratories

There are more Baylab student labs....  more

Linking Park

Here you find many interesting links to trainee programs at Bayer as well as information and tips about applications and recruitment tests. There is also a bunch of links for teachers, or if you...  more

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Baylab plastics energy

A special project for high school students: 
integrating energy savings and sustainability into your day at Baylab plastics.
...  more


Feel like spending a day at BayLab plastics? Register your class or group now!...  more

Virtual Tour

Peek into the rooms where you will research, design, produce, and communicate...  more


From the idea to the finished product! During your day at Baylab plastics, you can discover the world of plastics and be part of it...  more

Our partners

Sure, everyone knows Apple but we also have other top partners. See who they are...  more